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Extra-Curricular Activities


We are offering a good number of engaging activities to support the holistic development of a child.
Individual parents, homeschooling groups, schools, organizations and other forms of communities whose purpose is to fully develop children are welcome to work with us.
We are able to join an existing program and bring more activities to it or can fully plan, implement and manage a program on behalf of another institution.

These include;

Arts based: dance, music, singing, beatboxing/vocal percussion, Djing & music production, paper crafts, poetry, drawing & illustration, writing and many more..

Sports based: gymnastics, acrobatics, yoga, soccer, basketball, rugby, athletics, monkeynastics, football and many moreā€¦

Others include technology, improvisation activities among others.

We organize events following up such activities to create opportunities for participants to share with others what they would have learned and developed.

See some photos/videos of activities in action.

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