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This package is for organizations, schools and similar groups who may want unique projects for a specific period of time occasionally, such as;

1. An organization having children/teenagers in her care and want external facilitators to work with that audience to reach an objective over a period of time.

2. A group of students or school that may want an exchange program with another organization, school or community, and need experienced facilitators to design activities, be present and assist during the exchange to make sure students get the very best from that process.

3. A group of children and teenagers’ educators who may want to add on more tools and teaching styles on what they already have.

4. An organization reaching out to children and teenagers in a certain community and would like to work with or through a team of creative and experienced facilitators to get results.

5. Events where the owner may need a team of experienced and professional children and teenagers’ facilitators to design and deliver such activities to their group.

Charges and other details are discussed with the client after thorough communication on the nature of the project. Charges may change from client to client, depending on materials required, location among other factors. For more information, please contact the director, Kaweesi Mark (+256 775 101 122), Secretary, Aanyu Elizabeth (+256 703 608 794) or send an email .

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