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Physical Education

We believe that physical activity has countless benefits towards our all round well-being as people. We embrace the many good effects it has on us as individuals, in terms of developing our abilities to perform outstandingly in single and team sports, and we work to uplift that area. Also, we focus on uplifting how physical activity can improve our social well-being and enable us to grow abilities that can help us so much in our social lives, for-example in relationships with others and with ourselves.

When it comes to young children, we start shinning the light by engaging them in ways and language they know and understand best, PLAY!
We use all types of material to make sure that children participate and enjoy while learning key life lessons; being kind, sharing, working well with others, contributing, supporting others, setting goals, keeping on and more.

Our program has activities addressing all areas of fitness; cardiovascular,endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, body composition and muscular endurance.
These include Dance, Creative-movement, Yoga, Acrobatics, Gymnastics, Monkeynastics, Athletics, Aerobics, Capo-era, Breakletics, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Street soccer and more.

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