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our purpose

“To assist children and youth to find, grow and learn to use their strengths and talents well.” 

Who we are

Imagination Circle Ltd is a youth started and led social enterprise serving as a facilitator in the process of discovery and growth of human potential. We assist children and youth to find, grow and learn to use their strengths and talents well.
Our methods include but not limited to extracurricular activities, personal and interpersonal leadership development, creative and innovative programming as ways to nurture a whole person, promote effectiveness and transform lives.

OUr purpose

“To assist children and youth to find, grow and learn to use their strengths and talents well.” 



how we do it?

We do this by offering customizable, good quality, convenient and modern day learning-relevant and multidisciplinary extra-curricular activities, physical education and linked programs for individuals, schools and related organizations.
Our tools include but not limited to creative facilitation, dance & movement, music & sounds, arts & sports activities, poetry, play-based learning, technology and other improvisation approaches.

WhAt We dO?

Our activities are physical fitness and education, co-curricular activities and linked programs, self improvement, team building and skills development.

WhAt We dO?

Extra-Curricular Activities

Creative Development

Leadership Development

WhAt We dO?

We offer extra-curricular activities, physical education, facilitating self-improvement & team building engagements, organizing & implementing projects, skills development and related programs. 
Through our creative and participatory approach comprising of movement activities, communication games, sound, theatre improvisation, collaboration, dialogues, group discussions, effective communication, deep listening, confidence, presentation, brain-storming, community building & strengthening among others. We have worked significantly with families, education institutions and organisations of many kinds.

How we do it?

Our team

We have a growing team of multi-dimensional professionals including educators, artists, designers, administrators, entertainers, events organizers, technicians, athletes, social workers, fitness instructors and more. The natural principle of individual growth and development is core to us, we invest in professional development experiences to ensure that on an individual and team level.

This team made up of; Kimuli Steven Valentine, Elizabeth Aanyu, Mutamba Abudi, Mayega Mario Williams, Kaweesi Mark – highly believes and works to bring into existence a community where creativity, effective and a physically healthy approach to life is cultivated and supported.

imaginationcircle team

Our team


Staff team

Kaweesi Mark

Founder & Director

Staff team

Namirembe Norah

Programs Coordinator

Staff team

Kimuli Steven Valentine

Administration Consultant

Instructor Team

fall in love with our programs

We offer a wide range of programs and services focused on enhancing performance and effectiveness, promoting good health and wellness, empowering children and youth to tap into the opportunities of a changing world.

Extra-curricular Activities​

We are offering a wide range of co-curricular/after school activities primarily for children and youth in schools and learning institutions. These include; Arts based (dance, music, singing, beatboxing/vocal percussion, Djing & music production, paper crafts, poetry, drawing & writing and many more), Sports based (gymnastics, acrobatics, yoga, soccer, basketball, rugby, athletics, monkeynastics and many more), Technology and more. We organize events following up such activities to create opportunities for participants to showcase.

Physical education program

We have adopted fun, engaging and exciting physical fitness workout activities for adults, children and the youth. These include but not limited to Dance fitness, Cardio dance, Aerobics, full body Stretching, Urban dance, Gymnastic, Yoga, Monkeynastix, Breakdance & popping, Capo Era, Sports fun games, Zumba dance and more creative movements.

linked programs

We fellow up on the above activities by organizing events to create opportunities for participants to showcase, perform, exhibit their talents.We believe that such platforms enhances further development and builds social skills.

Ongoing dance program.

We offer an ongoing children dance program with sessions taking place at IB GYM and Dance studio on Tirupati Mazima mall in Kabalagala on Ggabba road – Kampala. The primary dance umbrella is urban dance styles (breakdance, popping, locking, hiphop new style, house, pop, afro and more), however we occasionally do African dances to widen the experience and could offer it more on request.
Classes are open for ages 4-19 years, grouped as follows; 4-7years / 8-11years / 12-15years / 16-19years with each group made of a minimum three and maximum ten students, taught at different times for a duration of 1 hour.
Charges are as follow; 40,000ugx per person each sessions (one off lessons or inconsistent sessions) 150,000ugx (four sessions in 4 weeks) 300,000ugx (eight sessions in 4 weeks). Further tailor-made packages can be discussed.
One on One private lessons.
We offer these in all areas of our operations; Extra-curricular activities, Physical education and Events. They are tailored to the needs and goals of the client, and carried out at their desired time and place.
Charges and other details are discussed with the client after explicitly examining the nature of the project. Charges may vary from client to client.


"We are so ecstatic with the work done by Imagination Circle and everyone on the team! We had them teach both the DJ and Dance to a group of around 20 boys around ages 9-19. It can be hard to find classes that can benefit all ages, and they did it perfectly. They worked together to teach them as a group as well as individuals. Their team taught them as individuals how they can all work together as a group to make something beautiful. The staff was friendly, Inclusive, and worked great with all ages. We are looking forward to continue working with them and expanding the boys creativity with the other classes they offer. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking to learn and expand their knowledge on the importance of team work, physical activity and creativity."
Annabelle and Aoife
Founders of Street To Success Foundation
We extend our sincere appreciation to the Imagination Circle for choosing to work with underprivileged children of the project, in the professional physical education session that takes place every Friday. It is a great pleasure for the children and a wonderful experience for them. Keep doing what you are doing best. Peace all the way
Moshin Juma
Founder and director of People Concern Education Centre.

clients and partners

clients and partners

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Children with special need

Teaching creative arts, developing skills and hidden abilities among children of with special needs at Kitanga primary school through play centred learning, engaging and participatory approaches while working together and supporting each other. In March 2022 we collaborated with Edirisa UK to bring creative learning opportunities to a village-based school,

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