Imagination Circle Ltd is a company limited by guarantee based in Uganda.

Mission: to assist children and youth to find, grow and learn to use their strengths and talents well.

Our methods include but not limited to extracurricular activities, personal and interpersonal leadership development, creative and innovative programming as ways to nurture a whole person, promote effectiveness and transform lives.

Our goals;

  1. To build useful strengths and talents.
  2. To nurture good values in children and youth from a young age.
  3. To promote creative and effective ways of learning and living.
  4. To create and promote productive employment opportunities for youth.
  5. To organize professional development programs.

Since our start in 2018, we have reached, served and transformed lives of young people of diverse backgrounds and lifestyles.

Through leading extracurricular/after-school activities, organizing and facilitating trainings for teachers and leaders, creating and implementing exchange programs between people with different experiences and perspectives, organizing and managing events and actively supporting others causing positive social change.

We have worked with education institutions, rehabilitation centres, community causes, festivals, individuals, families, charities.

These include: Kampala International school Uganda – KISU, Street to success foundation, Break-Fast Jam/FreshLane, Blessed toddlers nursery and primary school, International school of Uganda – ISU, Kampala community international school – KCIS, Kampala community international preschool –  KCIP, French school Kampala, Ricky Orenia, Ssemaganda Jeff Kenneth.