“Deep within each of us is an inner longing to live a life of greatness and contribution – to really matter, to really make a difference. We can consciously decide to leave behind a life of mediocrity and to live a life of greatness – at home, at work, and in the community.” __Stephen Covey

Leading ourselves and others well is a very important ability to have, this ability is a very useful requirement in whichever field of work and living. The qualities that empower that ability can be learned, gained and nurtured through intentional and designed ways.

In a location like Uganda, young people should acquire such lessons from institutions like schools or informally in families, communities and other additional forms of human development.

For the majority of young people especially those in suburban and village areas, and even for some in cities – developing as a whole and effective leader is close to impossible because of various limits; outdated system of education and ways of teaching, unfair traditional norms, wrong cultural practices, lack of present leaders living and exemplifying right, and also largely the lack of creative programs, activities and systems that offer and nurture good leadership qualities.

We intend to solve such a deep-rooted problem through empowering young people (children, teenagers and youth) by;

Children and teenagers – we Introduce, teach and facilitate these young people through experiential processes that help them to build basic good leadership strengths. Through our extracurricular activities both formally and informally, we break this down in their language, using tools like fun games, movement activities, teamwork assignments, placing them in basic leadership roles and more.

Youth – through organizing, coordinating and facilitating transformation aimed processes; we assist youth to develop genuine, principle centred, character-based, effective, empathic driven and modern-day acceptable values, habits, behaviours and practices in personal and interpersonal leadership.

Interventions include; onsite sessions, residential & non-residential camps, retreats, events, workshops, training, improvisational activities and tailor-made actions.

These can be fully virtual/online, fully live/in-person or hybrid (both online and in-person).

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Think a little bit about the frustration, disappointment, anger, boredom and commonness of following the same path, road, ways that so many people take, use and apply in many places and projects. Those usual parameters, scripts and methods are often pushed onto us to reduce and limits our natural gifts of creative imagination and performance.

Imagination circle believes in the limitless power of being creative and innovative, we like to get things done in fresh ways using tailor-made approaches doing things in not the usual way and challenging ourselves to think and operate out of the box. This means that deeply serving the purpose, clearly drawing steps to follow and giving the primary audience the needed skills and strengths to work with.
We work closely and collaboratively with clients to define WHY we are doing the project at hand, HOW we are going to do it and WHAT we are going to do to get positive needed results out of a program.

The programs we work on include; Events & festivals |Talents & capacity building projects |Professional development training | Human strengths enrichment ventures | Brainstorming & concepts building sessions | Team building | Consultation on effective youth and children engagement | Support in implementing culture friendly activities.

We are offering a good number of engaging activities to support the holistic development of a child.
Individual parents, homeschooling groups, schools, organizations and other forms of communities whose purpose is to fully develop children are welcome to work with us.
We are able to join an existing program and bring more activities to it or can fully plan, implement and manage a program on behalf of another institution.

These include;

Arts based: dance, music, singing, beatboxing/vocal percussion, Djing & music production, paper crafts, poetry, drawing & illustration, writing and many more..

Sports based: gymnastics, acrobatics, yoga, soccer, basketball, rugby, athletics, monkeynastics, football and many more…

Others include technology, improvisation activities among others.

We organize events following up such activities to create opportunities for participants to share with others what they would have learned and developed.

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